MJ Agroasesores presents organic asparagus from Almeria at Biofach for export to Europe.

The Almeriense company seals a commercial alliance with Franco-German Legros Bio to produce new lines of organic products.


Nuremberg. The distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, MJ Agroasesores, presented today at BioFach, the largest exhibition of Organic industry worldwide.  The R&D project will lead to the shelves of major European supermarket chains: a new organic product, green asparagus from Almería.
The Almeriense company, located in La Mojonera, has made a trade agreement with the Franco-German wholesale company Bio Legros, to export this vegetable, and others that are in development, to various countries in the European Union.

More than 90,000 organic green asparagus plants are about to be harvested on farms located in different areas of Almeria province. The goal, emphasized MJ Agrosesores manager, José Antonio García, is «to start exporting this new product to Germany, as a pilot project» and to continue «with countries like Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Belgium».
The agreement with Bio Legros, «allows us to continue investing in innovation within the organic sector, with new product varieties little known until now,» said Miguel Martinez, another manager.

Aromatic Plants

MJ Agroasesores has spent years developing and testing different varieties of products that will be released soon. Alongside the aforementioned project, the most prominent are the pilot organic herbs that are already being exported to France and Germany: parsley, basil, oregano, cilantro, bay laurel, thyme, and mint, among others.

Pepper, tomato, aubergine, courgette, and sweet potato, are some of the organic products MJ Agroasesores sells in countries like Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Romania, and Poland. Edeka supermarket chains, Riverford, Carrefour, and Alcampo are some of the firms with which they operates. In Spain, MJ the leading supplier of organic vegetables for the supermarket center El Corte Inglés.

The Almeriense company was founded in 2003 and has pioneered the implementation of quality systems for organic farming and distribution of vegetables ‘Bio’ in much of Europe. Their commitment to the development of sustainable agricultural model has made them a leader in Almeriense industry, and outside as well.
In the packaging plant, located in the industrial area of ​​La Mojonera, they operate with more than 30 unique products that are classified in the ‘Bio’ and ‘Gourmet’ sections of major supermarket chains

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